Being On-Time

Some people are punctual people. Always on-time. Early even.

I am not one of those. It is one of the things I’m “working on.” Which means, I’d like to be better about it and I think about it some, but I don’t actually try to alter the underlying behaviors…

At least I hadn’t, until I saw this article: The Secrets of Punctual People by Jessica Hullinger at Fast Company. In part, because I already do the things that I think will help me be more punctual – like the first two from this article: keep a reliable calendar and be practical about the amount of time it takes to get places, including possible delays.

It was the third suggestion from this article that struck a chord: save a task for when you arrive. Jessica’s quote from Gretchen Rubin fits me to a tee – I’m always trying to fit in one last thing, or one last part of the thing I’m working on, before I head to the next appointment or even. Love the idea of taking that thing with me to work on once I’ve arrived. Early.

I’m going to try it!


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