Lucky to Acknowledge Luck

The first in a series about alignment.

The big picture: life, relationships, habit formation, and meeting goals are easier if you, and they, are in alignment. What does that mean? We’ll explore that over the course of our alignment posts. For now, let’s say simply that if all, or most, of our needs, motivations, interests, abilities are pointed in the same (general?) direction, we’re more likely to get stuff done and do it relatively smoothly.

In his article, Lucky Breaks: A Cornell economist who studies luck says the more you acknowledge good fortune, the better off you are, Robert H. Frank (Econ professor at Cornell) argues that luck has much to do with our successes and, just as important, acknowledging the luck you’ve had makes you even luckier. Or, at least helps make the kind of person on whom fortune is going to shine (happier, better liked, someone with whom others would like to work).

He sums up:

In short, it’s often in your interest to acknowledge luck’s role in your success—if only because people will think better of you for having done so. Evidence also suggests that being grateful for your good fortune will make you feel happier. And by making you a more attractive potential teammate, you’ll also be more likely to prosper.

If you’re looking for success (and who isn’t?), align with luck – recognize it, acknowledge it, and share your appreciation for the role others played in your previous successes.

Thanks Quartz, for pointing us in Frank’s direction.


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