It’s Never Just One Thing

Life is a perplexing endeavor. And (almost) everything about it can be viewed in a variety of ways. And (perhaps) should be. Sometimes.

We don’t always have time to carefully parse everything that comes our way. We don’t need to. We should be aware, however, that if we’re only seeing something or someone in one way, there is probably more to it.

Take, for example, the birth of a child. Or, the birth of your child! Congratulations! It is a miracle!

It is. And, it is also one of the most mundane events there is. If we limit ourselves to human births, there were, on average, 254 other births happening the same minute (2014 estimate) as whatever particular birth we are concerned with, according to IndexMundi.

Can the birth of a child be both a miracle and monotonously commonplace? Sure.

It’s never just one thing. And, sometimes it is two things that seem diametrically opposed.


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[update 3/2/2016]

A corollary: You are special AND you are not special.